Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A poetic truth

Time is a thief who quietly steals the memories of childhood, youth, and past generations.
Portraits seal up what is today, preserving memories for the future, opening a window into what once was.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

International Print Competition

This year I had my best showing at IPC ever. Two of my images were accepted into the prestigious Loan Collection and the other two were accepted into the General Collection. I will be awarded a "Gold Medal Photographer of the Year" this January at our annual conference in Phoenix. Even more exciting to me, I will finally receive my Master of Photography degree in January. Many years of print competition ecstasy and agony have finally paid off.

This image is titled "Unlucky Strike" and was accepted into the Loan Collection

This image is titled "Daydream Before the Dance". It was accepted into the General Collection and it was also added to the General Showcase book.

This image is titled "Fortuna, Goddess of Luck" It was accepted into the General Collection. It was also the image I thought was my strongest entry and all of the others did better than it. I won't complain!

This image is called "Open Invitation" it was accepted into the Loan Collection. My favorite part about this image is that it was a last minute image I shot on the competition due date just to finish out my 4th and final image. I was surprised to see it do so well.

Jessica's Bridal Portrait

A week ago I did a bridal portrait for Jessica. We got some amazing images at the Utah State Capitol building. Jessica had an amazing smile and was so much fun to work with