Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A guy has to ring his own bell once in awhile!

I have known for a few months now that one of my images was chosen to be included in the Loan Collection. I just received the PPA 2011 Loan Collection Book. Amazing images throughout. Five Utah photographers were included in the book, including yours truly. What an honor to be included in the book widely considered to be the annual "best of" in professional photography. Here's to many happy returns!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Now is the time

Now is the time to schedule a family portrait for Christmas. Just think... one portrait session, no Christmas shopping, memories that last forever.
I photographed my sons middle school band teacher's family today. Great people.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Steven and Larae

I was just going through some recent images and found these portraits. I think they are beautiful portraits of a wonderful young family.

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Philosophy

At Shelton Photography we don't produce volume photo prints. Walmart does that. We create one of a kind pieces of art unique to your needs. These pieces of art are not sold by the tens of thousands. Each is created and sold one at a time with hours of our work going into each portrait you order.
You are not buying a piece of paper. You are paying an artist to create a one of a kind, personal masterpiece; A piece of art that cannot be sold to anyone else

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A day off / LDSBC

I am looking forward to some time off this weekend. Two days instead of the normal one.
Last Wednesday morning I met with administration at the LDS Business College. They are considering adding a photography program at the school. Drake Busath, Borge Anderson and a photographer from the LDS Church were also there. A very interesting meeting. We encouraged them to give the program a strong business management slant, and to focus on the more modern tools of the trade. They said they will take the program in a very different direction after meeting with us.

Fall Regional Competition Winners

This post is to show the images that received merits in the Regional Competition held last October in Texas. Most images in regional competitions do not merit. I was so excited to have two of mine merit. I will now send them on to the International competition this Summer. I am excited because they have a pre-approval at the international level. This is important because each of these is a big step toward my Master of Photography degree awarded by the PPofA.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Here is my blog.

For a long time I didn't know what a blog was. A few years ago I started seeing my photographer friends with blogs, but never created my own. Here I am now, behind the times but interested to see where this will all go.

I guess I will start with an overview of the past few years of my photographic endeavors. After doing horribly in the 2009 print competition I felt compelled to do something about it. I gave myself a few self assignments to create photographs of the visions that bounce around in my head. While hiking in the outskirts of a small town called Ophir Utah, my friend Tom and I found a mining support building that was mostly abandoned. There I photographed a dusty dirty old lamp and loved creating images in that environment. I decided then to come back with a beautiful model. The idea was to capture a contrast of beauty against a filthy environment. I found a model named Tracy who was willing to work in trade for rights to the images I create. We made some amazing images that day. At the same time I began meeting with a small group of Utah's best up and coming photographers. We would show each other our images and critique each others work. The results of meeting with this group called Image Seekers brought my work to a new level. The image of the lamp, the image of Tracy, and two other images combined to win an award I never dreamed of winning. In April of 2010 I won Photographer of the Year at the Intermountain Professional Photographers Annual Convention. Past recipients of this award include Don Busath, Dave Newman and Big Daddy himself- Don Blair. I will make my first images on this blog the winning images from 2010.